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About Us


The Homestart mission is to help create successful homeowners so that they improve their financial well being and contribute to the vitality of our communities.

What We Do

Homestart is a full-service, non-profit agency promoting affordable homeownership through financial counseling and educational classes, designed to help New Mexico's moderate-income residents become successful homeowners. By offering all of the services of home buying in a goal-oriented, customer-centered environment, the homebuyer makes informed decisions during each step of the process, all with an eye toward long-term financial security.

How We Do It

When long-term financial security is the goal, buying a home the “right way” is crucial. The “right way” means buying an affordable home with low-cost financing, empowered with knowledge and solid financial habits. These services and products empower our customers with knowledge and financial skills, provide them with affordable homes and lending products, and support them as partners both before and after the home purchase. This integrated approach allows us to serve the customer while sustaining our own long term sustainability.

Homestart is a division of Homewise in Santa Fe. Since 1986, Homewise has been helping people achieve their homeownership goals. Visit Homewise>